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best game... really good... 10/10


How do I play this? It's just boring driving as of now.

One thing, my mouse wont appear on screen and I cannot sellect any option. I am on windows 10.

Hello Nashboss100,

The game has no mouse support. Use W and S to navigate the menu.

Well then, how do I select, You should wright down those comands to. Thanks for telling me the W and S though.


Ok, found the controlles. Game look is nice, but you should add cars, cause its a little boring.

Hey can you please make this windows too, this game looks really cool. Please do this and you should make other games I would play them (if there windows). Please, please please!

Thanks for your interest. I'll try to find someone who can make a windows compilation. The game is written in ActionScript 3.0 and can therefore be easily compiled for windows. However, I need a PC to compile to EXE. I do not want to release the game in AIR format.

Done! Drive safe ;)


Disregarding the fluff-toggles, it's still more playable than Desert Bus.


Thanks. I wanted to offer more content than Desert Bus, without expanding the gameplay. Drive safely and thank you for your time.