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really good game to kill time and relax but there is one issue there is no way i can save up money for better cars after every journey i have to buy a pick up and money always resets to 40k. Do you have any solution to this or maybe you will update it soon? Looking farward for your response, thanks! 

best game... really good... 10/10


How do I play this? It's just boring driving as of now.

One thing, my mouse wont appear on screen and I cannot sellect any option. I am on windows 10.

Hello Nashboss100,

The game has no mouse support. Use W and S to navigate the menu.

Well then, how do I select, You should wright down those comands to. Thanks for telling me the W and S though.


Ok, found the controlles. Game look is nice, but you should add cars, cause its a little boring.

Hey can you please make this windows too, this game looks really cool. Please do this and you should make other games I would play them (if there windows). Please, please please!

Thanks for your interest. I'll try to find someone who can make a windows compilation. The game is written in ActionScript 3.0 and can therefore be easily compiled for windows. However, I need a PC to compile to EXE. I do not want to release the game in AIR format.

Done! Drive safe ;)


Disregarding the fluff-toggles, it's still more playable than Desert Bus.


Thanks. I wanted to offer more content than Desert Bus, without expanding the gameplay. Drive safely and thank you for your time.